Treasurers' Association of Virginia

Minor Committees

Career Development Audit Committee (Appeals)

Chair: Laura Rudy, Stafford County

Tom ScibiliaSandra Langford
Pamela WebbRebecca Longnaker

MEMBERS:At-large members appointed by the President

PURPOSE:Review and make a determination on appeals related to achieving the criteria necessary to receive the incentive pay under the Career Development Program.

METHOD:Based on the facts of each case, this committee makes a recommendation to the Compensation Board as to whether or not the criteria in question have been met. The committee consists of a Chairperson and four members, each with an equal vote. The Comp Board has the final authority to approve or disallow an application. The Comp Board looks to the TAV and this committee to provide the basis for approval or rejection.




Chair: Jody Acosta, City of Falls Church

Gabi Sandoz (Deputy Treasurer)Bonnie Dickson

MEMBERS:Appointed by the President

PURPOSE:Audit the financial records of the Treasurers’ Association each year.

METHOD:The financial books of the Association will be completed by the Association Treasurer and ready for audit within 60 days after the close of the Association’s accounting year which is June 30. The Audit Committee must request the financial records, and complete the audit within 120 days from the close of the Association’s accounting year. The Audit Committee must report it’s finding to the Executive Board at the first Board meeting scheduled 120 days after the close of the Association’s accounting year.




Chair: Michael Stephens, Town of Wytheville

Todd GarberTanya Wilcox
Richard HomesPresident
Melinda WorrellPresident-Elect

MEMBERS:Appointed by the President

PURPOSE:This committee is responsible for the selection of the following awards: Treasurer of the Year, Deputy Treasurer of the Year, Community Service Award, Commonwealth Award and Jefferson Award. This committee is also responsible for getting the plaques made for these awards. Responsible for insuring that plaques are made for the Past President’s Award and the President’s Award. Responsible for insuring that plaques are made for retiring treasurers. Responsible for communicating with the Annual Conference Committee chairperson and insuring that plaques are delivered to the Annual Conference.

METHOD:By February 15 of each year, the committee chairperson sends to each treasurer a letter and form(s) asking for nominations for the Deputy Treasurer of the Year and Community Service Awards. The committee meets by April 15 of each year to select a recipient for each award from among the nominations. These two awards are given out each year. Once the recipients are selected, the plaques are ordered and the Awards chairperson notifies the Annual Convention Committee Chairperson which awards are to be given. In the attachments, there is a schedule defining who is responsible for presenting each award. The Awards chairperson must notify each person responsible for presenting the award and give that person the recipient’s name and background explaining why the recipient was chosen.

The committee selects the recipient for the Treasurer of the Year award. This award is given each year. Since the current officers of the Association are the most familiar with Association business, the committee is encouraged to consult with the officers in choosing the recipient for this award.

The Past President’s Award is given to the outgoing president and is presented at the business meeting at the annual convention.

The Commonwealth and Jefferson Awards are not given out annually. Giving out one or both of these awards is the sole responsibility of this committee. See attached sheet for detail concerning these awards. Since the current officers of the Association are the most familiar with Association business, the committee is encouraged to consult with the officers in choosing the recipient for these awards.

The selection of a recipient for the President’s Award is the responsibility of the current President. This award does not have to be given annually. The committee chair is responsible for getting the name from the president and getting the plaque done.

The committee chair should communicate with the Weldon Cooper Center to determine the name(s) of treasurers that are retiring. The committee should have the plaques made and deliver the plaques to the President for distribution.



Certification Review

Chair: Beth Curran, Caroline County

Sheila Williamson-BranchEllen Kirby
Sharon KeeperAl Spengler (Weldon Cooper Center)
Angi Hicks



Constitution and By-Laws

Chair: Ellen Booker Kirby, Northumberland County

Barbara CarrawayTanya Wilcox
Beth CurranDelores Smith
Wendy StewartDonna Nunnally
Jody AcostaAl Spengler (Weldon Cooper Center)

MEMBERS:Appointed by the President

PURPOSE:Updates Constitution and By-Laws

METHOD:Chairperson receives suggestions for changes from the President, Board members and general members. The Chair sends suggested changes to committee members and receives their input. The chair makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors votes on the suggested changes and communicates to the Chair which recommendations were approved. The Chair is responsible for insuring that the recommended changes are communicated to each member of the Association 45 days prior to the annual conference. The recommended change(s) to the Constitution or By-Laws is voted on by the general membership at the annual conference.

The Chair is responsible for insuring that the change(s) is made and that revised Constitution and By-Laws booklets are distributed to each member. The official Constitution and By-Laws is currently maintained by the Weldon Cooper Center. Proposed changes are coordinated with the Center. The Chair is responsible for the accuracy of the revised booklet.




Chair: Barbara Carraway, City of Chesapeake

MEMBERS:At-large members appointed by the President

PURPOSE:To make changes and updates to the Treasurer’s Directory every two to four years.

METHOD:Treasurer’s Directory shows all the Treasurer’s and a summary about themselves and the office they hold. Treasurers should include photos.

This committee is responsible for making sure the changes and updates are made regularly. This consists of making contact with each Treasurer and having them make changes where necessary and adding a recent photo. Each Treasurer needs to specify whether they want a new directory or just the updates to the directory. A new directory should be made in or about every ten years. Updates need to be made about every two to four years; depending on how many new Treasurers are elected. Once all the new information is received it goes to the printers to be printed. Once the directories and updates are completed, they are to be issued or mailed to each Treasurer. Payment for the directories is mailed to the Treasurers Association.




Chair: Scott Grindstaff, Henry County

Beth CurranSandra Langford
Angi HicksHarry Whitt
Melinda WorrellAl Spengler (Weldon Cooper Center)
Sandra Stone




Chair: Penny R. Gray, Page County

Jeff Barbour Jeff Scharf
Tom ScibiliaJason Vandever

MEMBERS:At-large appointed by the President

PURPOSE:To recruit new corporate associate members into the Treasurers’ Association and to retain current members. Associate members are generally corporations, firms or financial institutions that interact with the Associations.

METHOD:The recruitment of corporate members is accomplished by the Committee members seeking out potential businesses that have an affiliation with the Association or by soliciting the names of potential associate members from treasurers with whom they conduct business. The Vendor Show and financial sponsor of the Annual conference is another source of potential new associate members. Each potential member is sent an application and letter outlining our organization and the benefits to their company becoming a member. Once an application and fee is received by the Membership Committee, the applicant must be approved by the Executive Committee, generally at the next regularly scheduled meeting.




Chair: Evelyn Powers, City of Roanoke

Delores Smith (At Large)President
Laura Rudy (At-large)President-Elect
Past President

MEMBERS:Immediate Past president is chair, president, president-elect, past president and at least two at-large members selected by president.

PURPOSE:Submit to the TAV Board the names of nominations for officers and Board of Directors

METHOD:The chair, in consultation with the President, president-elect and at-large committee members, develops a slate of names to serve as officers and members of the Board of Directors. The chair will contact each person nominated to insure that he/she is willing to serve. The slate of officers should be developed by the April Executive Board Meeting. The chair will present the slate of officers to the general membership at the Annual Conference. At the Annual Conference, the chair must ask the general membership for other nominations from the floor. The slate of officers and any nominations from the floor are presented to the President who will conduct the voting.




Chair: Ellen Booker Kirby, Northumberland County

Sandra Langford

MEMBERS:Minimum of two members appointed by President.

PURPOSE:Prepare appropriate resolutions at the direction of the President, initiate resolutions and received suggestions for resolutions from members.

METHOD:Chairperson writes or directs resolution to be written for presentation to Board. If Board approves resolution, insures that resolution is delivered to appropriate parties and is recorded in the minutes



Retired Treasurers

Chair: Gerald Duncan, Retired Treasurer, Giles County

Jeff BarbourJunior Young (Retired Treasurer)
Vince ShorterJean Barker(Retired Treasurer)
Al Spengler (Weldon Cooper Center)Ann Davis (Retired Treasurer)

MEMBERS:3 to 5 appointed by incoming President

PURPOSE:Supply information to Retired Treasurers and Retired Deputies such as: Notice of Annual Conference, newsletter (if we publish a newsletter).

METHOD:Compile current names and addresses for all retired treasurers and deputies. The Associations gives each retired treasurer a plaque. The members of this committee should communication with the Awards Committee to find out who is retiring and get current address information.



Statistical Abstract

Chair: Carla de la Pava, Arlington County

Jody AcostaStephanie Shea (Deputy Treasurer)

MEMBERS:Appointed by President

PURPOSE:Each year this committee publishes a statistical abstract report on various workload measures and other related statistics for all treasurers throughout the state.

METHOD:As treasurers report their state budgets to the Compensation Board each year, statistical information for their office is included. This information is compiled by the Compensation Board and distributed back in a consolidated report to the association. The Statistical Abstract Committee is responsible for formatting and printing the annual report of this data back to all members of the association.

Currently, this report is generated from various Access databases maintained by this committee. The information obtained from the Compensation Board after February 1 is entered into these databases, reports are generated and sent back to each locality to be verified. The goal is to distribute the newly-published reports at the association’s annual conference.



Town Treasurers

Chair: James Hampton, Town of Bluefield

Roberto GonzalezTina Rowe
Robin MeadeLeAnna Surratt