Treasurers' Association of Virginia

Office Accreditation Committee – T.A.V.


The following are some guidelines put together for the Committee

1.    The “Purpose” of the “Office Accreditation” committee:

A.  Assist the Treasurer’s Association of Virginia in determining what offices have complied with the “Office Accreditation program.

2.    Guidelines of the Office Accreditation committee:

A. Send applications with criteria by January 1st of each year, to the Local County and City Offices.

B. To ascertain, by March 1st, from the requested information whether the Office in question has attained accreditation or has continued to comply with Office Accreditation standards.

C. Notify applicants of any corrections and /or clarifications to applications with 10 working day turn around.

D. Upon written appeal of an office determines if rejection or removal from Accreditation is appropriate.

E. To submit a report by April 1st of recommendation to the Association, of its findings for final approval.

3.    Requirements of Office Accreditation:

A. Application for Accreditation shall be received annually by the committee each February 15th.

B. Submissions are the responsibilities of each office.

C. To be considered, an office must submit a copy of its written polices and procedures for initial accreditation. After being Accredited, random selection of materials and offices will be done.

D. Appeals of rejected submissions and/or removal from the Accreditation program must be done within 15 days notice from the Accreditation Committee.

4.    Recommendations from the committee shall be presented at the April Executive Board meeting.

5.    The Office Accreditation Committee makes recommendations only to the Treasurers’ Association of Virginia. Its findings are to be presented to the Executive Board for final approval.

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