Treasurers' Association of Virginia

The 87th Annual Treasurers’ Conference was a great time to get together to learn, relax and meet up with some fantastic vendors. Thanks to everyone that attended and I hope you had a wonderful time at Virginia Beach!

I am honored to assume the office as President of the Treasurers’ Association of Virginia. I continue to believe the members of this association are some of the most dedicated and hardest working public servants that you will find in Virginia. I am grateful for the support those members have given to me over the last two decades of my tenure as Treasurer. It is essential that we help each other to meet the challenges facing our offices and to accomplish the many tasks required of us in serving our citizens.

The members of this association are its biggest strength. We must work together to make it better for each office, each member, and the association as well. I ask you to take advantage of the many learning opportunities supported by TAV each year. Find a way for you and your staff to attend a class, district meeting, or continuing education session. Encourage your fellow Treasurers to take an active role in the Association.

Going forward, I ask for your commitment to keep striving for excellence. Continue to look for ways to enhance your office. Keep working hard for your citizens and continue supporting the Association that helps you. Together, we can continue the great work of the Treasurers Association!



L.O. Pfeiffer, Jr.
Treasurer, Cumberland County
President, Treasurers’ Association of Virginia 2017-2018